About me

Richard Budd

I’m a higher educationalist – I work in and and study higher education (HE). It’s a bit like studying psychology and analysing yourself at the same time. As of September 2015 I work as a Lecturer in Education Studies at Liverpool Hope University, and previously worked on widening participation and academic staff development projects at the University of Bristol.

Universities are always changing, but the pace and scope of change seems to be picking up. All over the world, developments can be seen in how degrees are paid for and how universities are compared on domestic and international rankings. These are perhaps the most visible symptoms of what is going on in HE but they are part of a much larger set of trends. They generate heated debate, protest, and impact both within and beyond the academic community. Questions revolve around themes such as globalisation, who funds students, who sponsors research, who can (and can’t) go to university, who controls (or should control) universities, and a range of other aspects that come into play at different times.

I’m looking to open the door a little, providing an accessible heads-up on these topics and issues by highlighting some of the facts and perspectives behind the headlines and headaches on HE. Watch this space…

For the record, you can find me here:


And here:


Here, too:


Please note that while I don’t usually cite references in this blog in the interests of general ‘readability’, I am more than happy to direct readers to research/papers that underpin anything written here.


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