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The Golden Age of The University

The Professor paused to conjure up an obscure metaphor for the letter he was writing to the local paper about the proposed Gypsy Traveller camp on the (opposite, thankfully) edge of his Berkshire village. Leaning back, he laid his Mont … Continue reading

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Are Universities Guilty as Charged?

2017 was an annus horribilis for universities. They’ve come in for a lot of flak and this has the sector feeling under fire. I’m all for picking holes in the way that higher education works – it’s my job to … Continue reading

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Free Speech threatened in Higher Education?

Sensitive Snowflakes? There were strident calls from politicians towards the end of the 2017 for universities to maintain free speech, which of course implies that they haven’t been. The ‘problem’, so it goes, is that certain (political) perspectives are being … Continue reading

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Universities are Sexist, Snobbish, and Racist

Perhaps the most ‘positive’ development in 2017, through discussions triggered by the Harvey Weinstein and extended revelations, was the explosion of awareness of the ways in which sexual discrimination and harassment are built into our current society. It’s a sad … Continue reading

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Two-year degrees – a no-brainer?

Lazy academics… Yet another storm in the higher education teacup towards the end of the 2017 was the accusation that universities and academics were shying away from offering two-year undergrad degrees. Instead of laying on the traditional six semesters in … Continue reading

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Do Academics get a three-month summer break?

Over the summer, an ex-government minister dropped a bomb into mainstream and social media by stating academics of having a three-month holiday over the summer. This is bunkum, and he has been ridiculed across social media for it. Teaching finishes … Continue reading

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Are university leaders on ‘Fat Cat’ Salaries?

The fact that university leaders are paid fairly well bubbled up in the summer and has rumbled on since then, with the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bath being the best paid – nigh on half a million pounds a … Continue reading

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Are university degrees ‘Value for Money’?

Government policy has, for some time now, been seeking to create an educational market, in both schools and universities. This comes about through trying to prove (through measurement and league tables) that the quality between universities varies, and well-informed punters … Continue reading

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Are Academics are Out of Touch?

I know the Brexit vote was pre-2017, but it’s obviously an ongoing issue, and it marked a significant event where mainstream understandings of politics and voting were way out of kilter. For universities, staying in the EU is an absolute … Continue reading

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The Tale of the Disappearing Academics and Death by Poisoned Numbers

I’m Irrelevant! My university doesn’t give a monkey’s about me. I’m one of several hundred employees, and as in any organisation that size, my hopes and dreams, my own trials and tribulations, are essentially irrelevant. The ideal situation is that … Continue reading

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