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Whiteness and the Academy

Let’s start with the observation that I’m ridiculously white. The everyday response to this is to look at me and say, “duh, obviously!”. But people who think about/study race might look at me and say, “duh, obviously!” but mean it … Continue reading

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The Great University Covid Regression?

The UK, Late April 2020 ‘Pre-covid’ life in the UK almost feels like an aeon ago, but we’re only six weeks into it. At the end of February I was in London, co-hosting an event with colleagues, and was still … Continue reading

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The Kingmaker

Dave was waiting with the wings, collecting his thoughts before announcing the results of his 2070 intergalactic university rankings (IUR). There were over a thousand people here, university leaders and their assorted acolytes, press, and sundry hangers-on. The launch events … Continue reading

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Why universities aren’t responsible for students’ mental health.

Mental Health Issues  More and more university students are suffering from poor mental health. One supposed reason for this is that young people nowadays are part of an over-sensitive, over-entitled ‘snowflake’ generation. This, though, is an unkind, unhelpful, and misleading … Continue reading

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Lost in Space – the unsettlement of interdisciplinarity 

  I’ve been feeling increasingly rootless over the past few months, but in a weirdly good way. Well, mostly good. I’m bringing in loads of new ideas to my work, which is intellectually stimulating but also quite tricky as the … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Union-ist

Barry was absent-mindedly watching a pair of plump tits in the garden through his home office window. He’d recently refilled the bird feeders – it was nesting season – and the local avian population had been availing itself of the … Continue reading

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The Multiple Shitnesses of the ECR Job Market

Over about 18 months, I looked into but didn’t apply for about 80 jobs, enquired about – but didn’t apply for – 20, applied for 15, was shortlisted for five, and got one. Whether I was shortlisted or not was … Continue reading

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Moving on…to the Promised Land? 

A few months ago I wrote about being anxious due to having, I felt, too little space for intellectual development. It’s not that I was standing still, but rather that I was developing more slowly than I could, or than I wanted … Continue reading

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Is the UK higher education’s cup half full, half empty, or about to be running on empty?

My overall premonition around coming back to work in this New Year is not positive. I feel quite anxious, a real sense of imminent dread. On a personal level, it looks to be an enormously exciting year, with a long … Continue reading

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A University Carol

Stave One Professor Ben Ceerzee-Gooser was working late, as usual, poring over the data of his latest set of graphene experiments. He was alone in the lab, having (generously, he thought) given his latest post-doc, Barb Cottich, the afternoon off … Continue reading

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