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What we need is a new ranking – for journals.

Maybe not what you were expecting from me – the last thing we need is another ranking in higher education, right? As I’ve written before, they’re based on proxy measures and therefore rarely, if ever, capture what they claim to. … Continue reading

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Who gets hurt the most by BrHExit – Brexit and Higher Education?

The UK’s uneasy divorce from the European Union rumbles on, complex, messy, partisan and accusatory, and from different perspectives unwilling or overdue. What are the implications of Brexit for higher education (HE) or, as it’s been termed. ‘BrHExit’? The headlines … Continue reading

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A luke warm date with the White Paper – condensing 83 pages into 2

The much-anticipated Higher Education White Paper was released on Monday, sending the Twittersphere and other social media outlets into overload. It had been preceded by a Green (consultation) Paper in November last year, but the White Paper sets out what … Continue reading

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The hot topics in research on higher education: an aperitif, in a nutshell.

How often can you get an overview of the field in which you work in just over an afternoon, and finish it off drinking bubbles on the balcony at the House of Lords? Every 50 years?! I was lucky enough to … Continue reading

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Opportunities and Risks: what globalisation means for higher education

Globalisation seems to describe two connected things: increased proximity and more immediate interaction. I’ll look at these in principle and then how HE sits within all of this. To travel and be travelled to… Changes in technology mean that we’re … Continue reading

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Why should English students study in mainland Europe? Why don’t they?

This is a topic which has been making more more and frequent appearances in the British media. The arguments against English students reading for a degree in Scandinavia, Germany, or the Netherlands, for example, used to be pretty strong. Over the … Continue reading

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Sending international students home: political grandstanding over a drop in the ocean?

Send’em packing! I wasn’t planning on doing a blog this week, but this is an issue that’s been niggling me recently. There have been attempts over the last few months to force non-EU students to go home as soon as … Continue reading

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